There are any number of reasons to put your words to screen and then self-publish.

  • Do you have a specific purpose for your book or are you just in love with the writing process?
  • Wish to write a book because you have a profound message or a story for the masses?
  • Or could it be that you want to write a book that aligns with your profession and you wish to share what you have learned with colleagues?

All of these are great reasons for writing and self-publishing a book and any one of them can be your WHY. The only requirement here is that you actually write your why. Remember just because it’s been written before does not mean your unique take on the subject is out there!

Let me explain.

When you write a book, you share with the world your unique perspective or personal experiences on any given subject.  Remember the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance?

Most people assumed this book was about a hippie who was neurotic about his motorcycle. Not the case. In fact, this book is about asking and experiencing some of life’s most fundamental questions. In the book the author shares the lessons learned while on an epic adventure with his son.

When I looked this book up, I learned it has countless accolades and is reviewed on numerous book guru sites.  It has guided many through the ages and is considered a philosophical must read by many.

The author, Robert M Pirsig, had a big WHY. That was to share a life adventure that taught him a new perspective…and thank goodness he did.  Think about the countless connections he made with people he never met.  Even today he is still connecting and speaking to people because he locked down his WHY – he didn’t care if it had been said before and just wrote about an epic life experience.

It’s important to know WHY when you write a book because you are crafting a unique perspective about it. Know that your WHY will connect you with people. It will connect you with them by virtue of the WHY you tell. And no matter the topic you will attract like-minded WHYs while impacting everyone that reads your book.

So, get solid about your WHY. Know that your WHY needs to be told and heard. Welcome to The Art of Purposeful Self-Publishing.

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