When you are seeking information about self-publishing, the Internet is a blessing and a curse. As I write this and plan to post it, I will be making yet another contribution to the infinite amount of available information.

And that’s what we hear from our writers. They are intent on self-publishing but are completely overwhelmed by all the material they have tried to consume to understand the process.

The Two Keys to Successful Self-Publishing

First of all, “self-publishing” is a misnomer. You don’t have to do it alone. Yes, there are experts to hire who will cost you some money, but in the long run their assistance will save you time and money as they (actually, we!) will navigate you through every step so you don’t spend money on things you don’t need to, will own your work and every associated file outright, have a book cover design that will get you noticed, and a marketing strategy created that will target your audience.

There’s a lot to it actually. Well, a lot of moving pieces that need to be done in a certain order for an efficient and cost-effective launch. It’s like building a house. You could attempt the excavation and framing and drywall installation or you can work with people who have done it before and know everything about codes and permits. (Like we know about ISBN numbers and editing!) It’s an amazingly gratifying process that ends with a product of your making.

In more shameless self-promotion (and apparently a plug for a competitor!), we like what Chelsea Michaels from Book Venture has to say:

1. Do try out companies

Self-publishing your book takes a great deal of work and time. And because you are just starting out as a writer, there will be times that you won’t know what you are doing and you will need help.

By signing up with self-publishing companies you will be given a choice of self-publishing services. The services will not only cover the publishing process, but also the book marketing process and will allow you to fully reach your potential.

The second key to success is mindset. You need to believe in yourself. Whether writing a book has always been a dream or if you want one to cement your expertise in your industry, just because you’ve never done it does not mean you can’t. There was a first time for everything you did today. And yesterday. So tomorrow it’s time to plan your book.

Michaels also says:

2. Don’t let your doubts deter you

Self-publishing a book is a daunting prospect for any writer. And the longer the process goes, the more challenges will come up. The more difficult things get, the easier it is to doubt your abilities.

Which is why it is important that you have a strong belief in yourself early on. Steel yourself against these challenges and keep reminding yourself that these challenges are nothing new.

They are merely a part of being a self-published author and you can overcome them. A strong foundation and unyielding self-belief is a must for self-publishing writers.

With the mindset and the person power behind you, you can successfully self-publish. We have one client who is taking a sabbatical to dedicate to his book. Another is a working mother who put six hours on her calendar per week to get a targeted number of words done in each session. Sometimes that block of time is from midnight to 1 a.m. but she’s going for it! You pick the way to do it and we’ll give you the means.

Read the full article at BookVenture.com

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