Proofing and
Editing Services

Proofing and Editing Services

Entrust your manuscript to a professional word enthusiast. Neither your tone nor your style will be jeopardized. Our editors will simply liberate your message.

  • To determine the costs of proofing or editing your book, we start by sending you a non-disclosure (NDA) agreement to protect your intellectual property.
  • Upon receipt of your Word document we’ll conduct an analysis to deliver a firm, no-obligation estimate.
  • Pricing is determined on a per page basis to best set expectations.
  • Your book may just require proofreading or perhaps more intensive copy editing.
  • We’ll provide that honest appraisal.
  • In return you’ll receive pages of exquisitely crafted words.

Proofreading addresses the cosmetic errors. It does not involve a comprehensive rework of the text. The goal is to conduct a detailed review to repair surface issues of spelling, grammar, and usage. Suggestions for potential re-writes and organization are made. (Between $4-$10/page)

Copy editing involves improving style, formatting, and paragraph restructuring. There are many different levels of copy editing. Because we are committed to fair and cost-effective services, we may recommend changes you can make on your own before hiring us. (Ranges between $11-$25/page)

Coordination fee to create the layout-ready version for delivery to the digital formatter plus the synchronization of efforts with the designer and publisher. ($350/manuscript)