First and foremost, you should know that the book business is not what it used to be. Everything is different. Whether you’re a published or unpublished writer, it’s time to take advantage of the recent changes in the industry.

With the advent of on-demand publishing, computer technology, the Internet, and social media, there is more potential at your fingertips than you know. But first let’s talk about the changes in the industry that make publishing a cornucopia of possibility.

A Little History About the Book Business…

The book business has been just that, a business. Since the beginning of time, publishing and the powers that controlled the big publishing houses were inaccessible. If you were lucky to know someone who knew someone you could maybe get your manuscript on a publisher’s desk. Then you could potentially have the keys to the publishing kingdom, as long as you were writing what the publisher was seeking.

If you were published, your book would then become the property of the publishers. If you were as good as say Hemingway, Kerouac, or Faulkner you would be offered a contract for more books and given deadlines, and then more deadlines to create content that would belong to, you guessed it, your publisher.

Enter Vanity and Self-Publishing

In Alan Rinzler’s article for Author Learning Center he states, “As recently as ten years ago, self-published wasn’t even a word that most traditional publishers used. We called it vanity publishing.”

Vanity publishing allowed you to publish your own work, without needing a publisher to “buy” your manuscript. Some of the traditional publishing companies that assisted in this claimed you would be able to do everything with your book that traditional publishing would do for you. Not necessarily true…

This method may have gotten you published, but at an extremely high price. It also got you a garage full of books and no way to sell those books because bookstores would not carry your book because you did not have a traditional publisher or a buyback policy.

And ten years ago, there was no social media or digital anything that would help you get the word out. Even if you were the most popular guy on the block you sat on those books with no way to reach an audience of any kind.

Fast forward to today and indie publishing is how you get your book printed and sold to the masses without breaking the bank. Ever heard of Chicken Soup for The Soul or The Shack? They were both indie published before they caught the attention of big house traditional publishers.

According to Rinzler, “The numbers are really fascinating. There are now more self-published than traditionally published books. Some of them are just for friends and family, but some of them are selling well and getting picked up by traditional publishers.” 

So how do you get picked up by a traditional publisher?

  • Collaborate with an indie publisher who works for you and in your best interest. One that will inform you about the process and your long-term options.
  • Confirm the “legal stuff” to ensure you own your content, your collateral materials, and 100% of your royalties.
  • Create the buzz with digital platforms that will get you noticed with created and curated content.

Read the full Rinzler The State of the Industry: The Rise of Self-Publishing article here and contact us when you are ready to build that unshakable foundation for your work!

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