We are proud to announce that Conscious Shift Publishing has reached another milestone! We’re now in our fourth year of helping first-time and repeat authors navigate the indie publishing world.

We love every minute of this process. And along the way, we have curated an even deeper bench of professionals in editing, book cover design, and digital formatting. We’ve also brought on a nationally recognized marketing strategist to help writers reach their audience in the most effective ways.

Helping the indie author get their masterpiece published is our life’s work. We also ensure that the author owns and retains all the rights to their manuscript and digital files.

The New Indie Publishing World

While the ability to digitally publish has revolutionized the indie publishing industry, the rise and demise of Create Space has created a bit of a Wild West. It has set the stage for shadowy figures and nefarious practices. (We call these characters publishing predators. They circle the waters like a shiver of ravenous sharks to grab hold of authors’ royalties and anything else they can sink their sharp teeth into. Cue the soundtrack from Jaws!)

However, the upheaval in this industry has left us with myriad possibilities and plenty of good guys who are passionate about the indie publishing craft.

With that said, please take a moment to check out this article at Author Learning Center. It talks about the many changes and some of the steps you need to take when considering indie- publishing. And a hearty Happy Anniversary Conscious Shift Publishing!!

Excerpt from Alan Rindzler for the Author Learning Center… First of all, you should know that the book business is in a state of turmoil and change. I’ve weathered a few storms in the past. When television started, I was told no one would read books again. That should give you some idea of how old I am. When book chains started to show up in shopping malls, I was told no one would ever read serious books again. Of course, that didn’t turn out to be true…

Conscious Shift Publishing consults, edits, formats, designs, publishes, and markets books. Whether writers wish to self- or indie-publish we inspire them through every step to promote their unique perspectives. CSP clients retain 100% of their royalties as well as 100% ownership of every digital file and image. Find out more at ConsciousShiftPublishing.com or contact publisher, Tracey Kern, at tracey@cscpubs.com to schedule a complimentary consultation. Write on!