Tracey is the creator and publisher of Conscious Shift Magazine, a monthly periodical that publishes articles and videos for a global audience of 85,000 across 14 countries. With an extensive background in sales & marketing, as well as numerous certifications and training in holistic and healing modalities, Tracey created this platform to provide useful information that spoke to people, not at them.

The next logical step for the magazine was the launch of its sister publishing company. One unlike any other. One that put the authors first. One that didn’t subscribe to the predatory practices common in today’s publishing circles. One that places the power in the author’s hands. Tracey has assembled a band of collaborative specialists who support the writing community, genuinely and effectively.

“The art of publishing has become a part of my soul. Written communication creates a human connection for sure, but it also creates a connection to the possibilities inside of us. Writing, and then publishing that writing, creates magic. That magic creates a broadened perspective for both the writer and reader.”