After over 20 years on Wall Street as a technology project manager and technical writer, Mary launched her copywriting and editing firm in 2008. This thriving enterprise delivers effective editing and compelling copy to Tampa and New York-based businesses. A Manhattan native, Mary is an award-winning writer whose company crafts and edits articles, blog posts, and web copy for an exclusive catalog of clients.


Mary also proudly serves as an editor for Conscious Shift Magazine and managing editor for Conscious Shift Publishing. In addition to providing a professional perspective, she ensures every manuscript is treated with respect. Her job is to help get books up on their feet and ready for the marketplace.


“I learned the power of words when I wrote my first short story in the 6th grade. All these years later, I have edited countless books and articles. I love working with writers. Whether it’s their first or fifth book, sharing in their excitement is a singular experience. My role is to liberate messages and make every book shine its brightest. It’s an honor to contribute to this process.”